The goal of SuperNova is to assist our customers in maximizing their athletic abilities. Through our app, customers can view specialized training videos that are customized for specific sports or activities. We offer a three-tier pricing program for our clients. Tier one, a free-based subscription, offers videos premade for each sport. Tier-two, customers can upload their individual training videos and receive customized feedback from SuperNova’s training staff. Tier three offers a full personalized training plan that includes workouts, diet plans, sport psychology training, and virtual group/team training.  SuperNova solves many problems through offering multiple value propositions that include offering low cost training to people who otherwise could not afford it. Another problem we solve is in the current environment we offer a socially distant form of individual or team training. Finally we are the only company that offers specialized  electronic training for individual sports. At SuperNova we recognize the benefits of sports in the lives of adolescents, therefore one of our missions will be to sponsor community teams in low income areas, where our training expertise can be donated to help establish new leagues.



Smart, Affordable Products

We are a small company, currently local, hoping to go nation wide. We offer multiple plans to help you work out, get in shape, for a a resonable price. Youll get professional feedback from real athletic trainers and athletes. We offer multiple plans, suited to what every individual needs.